Gain practical experience in the workplace, complemented by a classroom seminar, and the cultivation of global leadership skills in the great city of London where you will learn about a variety of local business settings and opportunities.

As well as developing your personal CV, an internship affords you the opportunity to directly experience the many cultures and people who make up the UK. Imagine spending four full days per week working at your internships, once a week attending your internship seminar, living in a residence hall with other international students, and getting to know London first-hand.


1. We will help you perfect your resume, cover letter, and interview skills, before you go

2. Participants are guaranteed an internship placement

3. Develop your professional skills and expertise with this internship

4. Live in a residence hall with other international students

5. Get to know the city of London by partaking in extracurricular activities and culture events

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United Kingdom

London, UK