We understand that every individual’s needs differ, and as such, we offer a variety of program from short term to longer internship placement programs in the fields of Retail, Engineering, F&B, Hospitality, Information Technology, Medicine and Sales & Marketing.

Short Term Programs
1 Month
Summer Internship Study Programs
A one-month summer internship and study program where a student will learn a foreign language abroad as well as participate in a short-term internship program.
3 Month
Internship Program
A three-month internship program abroad in the city of our candidate’s preference in their field of choice.
Long Term Programs
6 Month
Internship Program
A six-month internship program abroad in the career field that is well suited to the candidate’s education course.
12 Month
Internship Program
A twelve-month internship tenure in the chosen field of our candidate in a city overseas.

The goal of our long-term programs is for our candidate to land a permanent position at the end of the tenure of their internship program.

Malaysia – Internship

Malaysia is one of the most vibrant country, with the ideal mix of tradition and the modern world ...

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Singapore – Internship

Singapore is one of the best place to build your career as it is equipped with ...

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Barcelona – Internship

Get a chance to develop your Spanish language and professional skills while interning at this Me ...

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Rome – Internship

Improve your Italian language proficiency, develop professional skills in the global workplace, a ...

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Dublin – Internship

Experience Dublin’s exciting political, literary, and business life where you will learn about ...

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London – Internship

Gain practical experience in the workplace, complemented by a classroom seminar, and the cultiva ...

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