At i Connect, we provide expert advice and assistance in obtaining internship placements overseas to suit both the trainee and the employer’s needs. As part of our promise to provide excellent and thorough service, we will assist with all necessary documentation in terms of visa application and any necessary documentation that would be required. A one stop shop for your application needs to ensure that your transition is worry-free.

We understand that the overseas experience is not just about work, but also the personal life. i Connect provides full settling-in consultation which includes a full briefing on the culture, religious do’s and dont’s, social norms, mobile data plans, day to day neds such as public transportation. Assistance on accomodation, which is one of the main worries when moving to a new location, will be provided to all our candidates.


As part of our efforts to provide excellent all rounded service, we conduct random check-ins on all our trainees throughout the tenure of their program just to see how they are doing and to ensure that they are into the right path. We also reach out to the employers as well just to follow up on the progress of the trainees from the employers point of view. Obtaining feedback from both sides gives us the benefit of being able to assist our candidates by providing them constructive criticism so that they can improve where needed. All feedback obtained wil be consolidated and sent to both the parents of the trainee as well as the educational institution that they are attached to just so that everyone is well informed of their progress..